Trend Report: Fur Luxury Fall 2010

For fall we have leather jackets, for spring we have trench coats and for summer we have cardigans. Outerwear has developed and grown big time every year that passes by, but what do we wear in winter? Fur, of course. Luxurious, elegant, refine and sophisticated, all these describe the woman that you are only through your coat. Simple, right? But wearing it may not be as easy as it seems. Find how next how to look extraordinary with your fabulous fur coat!
28 Aug, 2010

One of the leading fashion trends for the Fall/Winter season in 2010/2011, that turns around the minimalistic and plain shapes that the major designer’s collections used as inspiration, brings a fascinating and interesting shape to the new street’s high fashion trends. Keeping the same balance between classiness, elegance and glamour, fur has evolved from a basic accessory to a true luxury for some women.

For such a flawless item in your wardrobe like a fur coat, your style needs to be perfect along with every outfit that you choose. Pick up the fur coat for a special occasion, a glamorous evening, an important event, a fabulous moment where you need to shine like a star. With the right attitude and personality, there’s no wrong outfit. Be confident in your choice and enjoy it by feeling beautiful.

Ann Demeulemeester

Aquilano Rimondi




Bottega Veneta

The clothes under such a coat need to be quite simple and effective. Whether you go for a little black dress, a stunning sensual cocktail dress, a beautiful gown or even large business elegant suit pants, the key is to keep it simple and you’ll look absolutely amazing!

Remember that accessories may come as too much with such a statement piece like the fur coat, so choose basic jewels, from refine earrings to a simple bracelet, don’t be cheap in your options because that might make your appearance less stunning.

Occasions like red carpet, office sophisticated parties, cocktail or special birthdays, romantic dinners and fabulous nights out, are the places where your appearance will be a hit and you’ll have all eyes on you all night!

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