Trench Coat Trend Spring/Summer 2010

Stylish cover-ups were lines up on the runway in various sizes, shades and also designs. The trench coat trend spring/summer 2010 provides style-conscious people with the chance to sport event- and season-appropriate attires paired with a chic and fabulous coat. This style item will also wort perfectly for the rainy days of autumn especially when upgrading our wardrobe to the next seasons' trends. Draw some inspiration from the fashion shows of trendsetters to live out your style fantasies.
01 Mar, 2010

Universal outwear managed to find solutions to encourage style devotees for long-term investments. One category is formed by the pieces that can help us score the transition from the cold season to the hot one. Undoubtedly more and more people are encouraged to choose versatile outfit elements that would help them prepare for the extreme weather conditions. Trench coats also lead the top of most stylish and helpful clothing items as the perfect cover-up both for a windy autumn as well as breezy summer day. Designers aim to offer us creative options on how to accessorize and pair similar coats with our basic attire pieces. Following the footsteps of models in the shows of Burberry Prorsum, Marc Jacobs as well as Christian Dior and Max Azra is the key to master the trench coat trend spring/summer 2010.

Burberry Prorsum Spring/Summer 2010 Burberry Prorsum Spring/Summer 2010

Burberry Prorsum praising the romance and refinement of fine lines and feminine silhouettes managed to create real art works presented in the shape of trench coats. Indeed building up a review for these exquisite style creations would necessitate a few more lines. However it is worth mentioning that Christopher Bailey knows how to turn a simple fabric into an alluring statement outfit of a beaming charisma and sophistication. Creating a fusion of at least three fashion trends as: candy colors, draping style as well as the trench coat trend, is a unique project that would steal the heart of millions. Moreover due to the use of architecture tailoring these designs will perfectly suit all body shapes.

Christian Dior Spring/Summer 2010 Christian Dior Spring/Summer 2010 Marc Jacobs 2010 Marc Jacobs 2010

Trench coats took an outstanding turn during the shows of Christian Dior and Marc Jacobs. The masterminds behind these almost delusive creations pay tribute to the retro look by adopting on one hand a pin-up trend as well as a classy Audrey Hepburn aura in metallic colors and enhanced with a stylish belt. The thigh as well as hips-length pieces are matched with dresses, trousers and the must have heels in order to master an authentic appearance. The classic tailoring and in cases the oh-so-feminized collars enhance the outerwear with a modern twist. Sporting a similar cover-up would prove to be a chic remedy to perk up our attire.

However as the flats are also included in the spring fashion must haves, those who seek comfort and a relaxed outfit can also opt for trench coats. Wearing skinnies or wide-legged jeans or tweed pants would create a similar smashing impression as the one appealing to pumps. Choose the appropriate accessories that would complement the fabric and color composition of the coat. Look for the mono-colored designs for an ageless style effect, as well as a patterned one if you are in need of a tint during the gray working days.

Max Mara 2010 Max Mara 2010

The latest trends in outerwear come in endless designs, shades and also lengths. Max Mara in the spring/summer 2010 collection decided to stick to the strong and respected tradition of trench coats. Therefore the length also roots back to the earlier decades when it served as the perfect shield to protect the dress, skirts and also trousers from the rain. The knee-length quality offers style-philes regardless of silhouette the chance to sport a similar outerwear both with a short as well as mid-length skirt, dress and even shorts. The neutral tones of beige and green as well as the matte shades all will perfectly suit the chromatic composition of the season's color trends.

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