Tie Dye Fashion Trend Spring 2010

The favorite style technique of Hippies managed to become one of the mainstream style trends in fashion industry. The tie dye fashion trend spring 2010 illustrates the style launcher gurus' ambition to turn the simple tops and dresses into real art works. However their aspiration also entered the public praise, therefore it is wise to adopt this easy-to-prepare tendency that can add a color patch to our wardrobe too. From the red carpet looks to the summer outfits all can be fabulously crowned with a stylish pattern as the ones created with the oh-so-popular tie dye.
02 Mar, 2010

This year the realm of prints was enriched with brand new perspectives as the fabulous and out-of-this-world repertoire of digital prints illustrates. From the traditional animal and tribal motifs to the water painting and in this case tie dye style prints all managed to occupy a prominent role on the catwalk. Designers succeeded in projecting one of the signature style trends associated with the Hippie movement, to their creations as well as sophisticated accessories. Those who are flirting with the idea of adopting this stylish fashion tendency can take a closer look at the remarkable designer collections of Blumarine, Proenza Schouler as well as Calvin Klein and also Ports 1961 regarded the most suggestive examples on how to master the tie dye fashion trend spring 2010.

Blumarine 2010 Blumarine 2010

This artful manner to perk up simple clothing pieces lived its heyday during the '60s and after when people aimed to add a stylish twist to their look. As the years passed it turned into a revolutionary style technique that offers the chance to create unique patterns and style items. Apparently influential figures of fashion industry were reluctant to sweep a similarly creative idea under the carpet.

Their ambition encourages the public to use this technique both in the case of formal as well as casual wear. Blumarine offers the most mind-blowing designs that appeal to a bright color palette and can be worn during the hot season. The tie dyed dresses as well as accessories all manage to build up a complex and vision-pleasing outfit. Those who are eager to make a statement with their look should grab their favorite dress and start the voguish makeover.

Calvin Klein Spring 2010 Calvin Klein Spring 2010 Proenza Schouler 2010 Proenza Schouler 2010

Other designers were also more or less impressed by this special technique of creating unique patterns. Pairing the bleached or differently colored stripes and patches with a neutral-toned dresses is the secret of Calvin Klein. In this case the public will notice a controlled tie dyeing rather than a spontaneous one. The stripes spread all over the attire prove to be the most spectacular accessories of the whole appearance.

On the other hand Proenza Schouler amazes the style-conscious public with bright neon tones as electric blue and green. The tie dyed sections add finesse and at the same time a Rock chic flair to the creations. Opt for this A-list combination of volume and character if you are keen to make your entree memorable at all events. Notable stylists advise us to cut back on accessories and let the exquisite print speak for itself. Instead we should rely on the feminine allure of high heels and a stylish handbag.

Ports 1961 Spring/Summer 2010 Ports 1961 Spring/Summer 2010

The exceptional Ports 1961 Spring/Summer 2010 show furnishes trend-trotters with a fabulous repertoire of outfit ideas. The use of gray tones as well as shimmery fabrics grants the tie dye looks with a flamboyant tint. This wise designer tendency of Tia Cibani manages to turn this mainstream style technique into an 'haute couture'-ish fashion aspiration. From the plain dresses to the floating silky pants all offer the show a modern and at the same time noble aura. Experimenting with a similar trend when organizing an attire for a ceremonial event should not be a taboo. Instead look for ready-made creations that are decorated with a similar pattern and crown your look with the most important must have accessories of the season.

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