Spring 2010 Fashion Trend Ruffles

Romance is in the air especially when taking a glimpse at the ruffles style trend 2010. The gowns as well as tops and skirts are enhanced with a similar breezy and fairy-tale echoing detail. Great designers decided to set aside the neutral looks to add some sensitivity to their collections. All body shapes will enjoy the benefits of these accessories as long as their look follows some of the basic patterns illustrated by the collections of the Spring/Summer season.
12 Feb, 2010

As the splendid designer collections of the Spring/Summer 2010 season illustrate ruffles contaminated also the ready-to-wear fashion trends and will not be restricted to the fluttering wedding gowns.

The ambition of professional stylists to project the romance and finesse of these details to miniskirts and Boho style tops, from the 'haute couture' domain is obvious. The trend flooded the catwalk offering a spectacular line of dresses and ensembles that would complement all body shapes. Upgrading the look of a simple attire is best done through the miraculous visual effect of breezy and luscious ruffles.

Femininity is combined with the girly innocence of a youthful look. The following examples illustrate the versatility of the trend from the sparse and subtle styles to the flamboyant and pretentious accents.

Viktor and Rolf Spring/Summer 2010 Viktor and Rolf Spring/Summer 2010

Viktor and Rolf breaks with the minimal style and neutral colors turning to vivacity as well as 'grandeur'. The gowns presented on the catwalk as 'pret-a-porter' seem to be just ideal to be included in the 'haute couture' line due to the sight-pleasing color palette as well as the brave and ostentatious use of fabrics and certainly ruffles.

This spectacular detail used as a righteous means to build up the larger-than-life gowns and dresses is used with confidence by the acclaimed designers. Running across the silhouette of the gowns as an ornated fan that would attract immediate attention to the long and toned legs as well as feminine curves. This accessory adds a noble and elaborated flair to the collection. Enjoy the muted rainbow colors that blend into a style opera that is further polished by the 80s Disco era style contrastive makeup.

Valentino Spring/Summer 2010 Valentino Spring/Summer 2010

Valentino Spring/Summer 2010 Valentino Spring/Summer 2010

From the baroque influences to the youthful matte tones all can be found in the collection of Valentino who managed to preserve the non-conformist attitude toward sporting ruffles through the natural and low maintenance look of the models. Their hairstyle refuses to further fuel the cliché of a ceremonial look. Instead the respected fashion semi-god succeeds in turning the luxuriant details into must have accessories of the ready-to-wear line of dresses.

From the rich and figure-flooding ruffle heap to the slight details that flow freely along the fine lines of the figure of women will create a smashing effect both when choosing our dress for the Prom or another special event.Juggling with the proportions of the body is one of the main assets of a similar collection that will boost our confidence by shifting the attention to the most flattering features. Moreover it is also obvious that Valentino knows hot to fuse pragmatism with beauty since accessories are almost completely omitted with the exception of must have peep-toes as well as bags.

Giambattista Valli Spring/Summer 2010 Giambattista Valli Spring/Summer 2010

Giambattista Valli apparently allied the party of designers who would like to preserve and popularize the ballerina look. However it seems that the great creator was also keen to explore the peek-a-boo trend that would create the art piece allure of the models. The sheer fabrics with the nude tones as well as transparency all contribute to the creation of the classic and romantic atmosphere that dominated the complete presentation. The rich and piled up ruffles added a juvenile flair to the gowns. The Spring/Summer 2010 Giambattista Valli collection undoubtedly pays tribute to the fashion of past centuries immortalized by great artists in their presentation of ruffles covering the fragile silhouette of ladies.

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