Sexy Party Dresses for Fall/Winter 2010

Just because the weather outside is getting ugly and cold doesn’t mean our party dresses will have a longer length, because we know that beauty needs its sacrifice and winter never stopped us from showing our gorgeous legs. If you’re stuck and have no idea how to look fabulous at the next party then find out which are the top 5 sexy must-haves dresses for the Fall/Winter 2010/2011 season!
03 Nov, 2010

It’s time to hit the clubs, parties or any special event while looking simply flawless and perfectly wearable to dance all night, because you’ll never be younger and more beautiful than right now! Enjoy every moment while looking fantastic, because life’s too short to wear ugly clothes! That’s why we’ve prepared a selection of the sexiest party dresses of the Fall/Winter 2010 season!

1. LBD

Of course, the immortal little black dress is a must-have in any girl’s wardrobe because it always gets you out of the trouble of finding the right dress, but this time the LBD may not put you on the top sexiest ladies at the party, unless it comes with a little edge. We want sequins, metallics, fringes, feather, something fancy that makes you look unique while going back to basics!


Leighton Meester

Andrew Gn


2. Gold Luxury

This fall we’re gold diggers, honey! Nothing will set you out of the ordinary than a sexy chic dress with a fairy allure and fantastic shape. If it comes in gold it’s even better! The splash of luxury will embrace a magical feeling into any party by making it way more special through a dress.

3. Shiny Velvet

For the Fall/Winter 2010, one material that definitely stuck in our heads after the fashion shows, was the velvet. Luxurious and extremely elegant, there’s no outfit that could ever look unfashionable with the sensual touch of velvet. In dark shades of imperial blue, royal purple or classic black, this dress with a vintage sophisticated feeling is a must!

Zac Posen

Andrew Gn



4. Sheer & Lace

This winter it’s all about mystery and unrevealed sensuality, so sheer and lace mixed up together will emphasize any outfit and your dress will have a seductive sensibility wrapped in these details that embrace sexiness along with elegance. Whether you choose to go back to black or have fun with different earthy shades, the sheer and lace effect is inevitable!

5. Neon

Flashy orange, fuchsia, royal purple, screamy yellow, bloody red, any wild bold color is acceptable this season. In structural shapes or fluid textures, with a urban chic allure or simply elegant, the neon colored dress is definitely one of the sexiest party outfits!

Chris Benz



Emilio Pucci

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