Men's Short Suit Trend Spring/Summer 2010

The arrival of the warm season revolutionizes also the gents business chic. The men's short suit trend spring/summer 2010 grants businessmen as well as those who sport a more elegant and refined style with the chance to feel comfortable and also look chic all throughout the year. In spite of the shortening of the trousers the the length of the suits remained the same as well as the use of sophisticated shirts of all colors and designs. In order to be versed with the latest trends embrace the latest short suit fashion.
08 Mar, 2010

Contemporary fashion has a unique conception of business chic as the latest men's fashion tendencies illustrate. The use of fabrics as well as tailoring techniques all manage to launch a brand new craze that fights for the right to comfort during the hot months. Indeed the men's short suit trend spring/summer 2010 aims to popularize the pragmatic function as well as authentic style of the shorts paired with suits as well as elegant shirts and other formal accessories. Both the colorful designs as well as the ones that preserve the golden rules of fashion manage to engrave themselves in the most popular style aspirations of great fashion houses as Junya Watanabe as well as Louis Vuitton and also Calvin Klein. These are some of the most illustrious examples of how to sport the latest short suit trend.

Junya Watanabe Spring/Summer 2010 Junya Watanabe Spring/Summer 2010

The quintessential shades of men's semi-formal chic are predominant during the spring/summer show of Junya Watanabe. The designer lines up spectacular outfit variations in order to embed this trend into a modern wardrobe. Both business men as well as gents who are keen to sport the dandy style will be more than welcomed to match their knee- or thigh-length shorts with the basic clothing pieces of an elegant apparel as the shirt or ties.

These suits echo the boyish charm of the David Copperfield style looks that were popular in England and the USA during the last centuries. Exposing the legs and sporting sockless shoes will solve the ancient dilemma of pairing the right socks color and fabric with the right suit. Those who are fond of the classic and up-to-date alternative looks can go for the outfits envisioned by the talented style inventor.

Louis Vuitton Spring/Summer 2010 Louis Vuitton Spring/Summer 2010 Gianfranco Ferree Spring/Summer 2010 Gianfranco Ferree Spring/Summer 2010

Young gents who are keen to experiment with the latest men's fashion tendencies will have the chance to expand the color and fabric palette all time designers used in the past. As illustrated in the Louis Vuitton Spring/Summer 2010 collection vibrant tones as yellow are also promoted as one of the main methods to attract immediate attention. From the classic cotton suits in all lenghts as well as shades all can be complemented with a stylish men's bag as well as a pair of high quality shoes and in cases matching socks.

Gianfranco Ferrée includes into the uber-popular collection the classic pinstripe business suit in an upgraded version by trimming it to ankle-length. The ties, the precise sharp lines as well as the form fitting jacket and shirt all radiate confidence and style-consciousness. The elegant voguish look can be further completed with a pair of formal shoes and also as in this case with sneakers as suggestive symbols of comfort. Furthermore the creators took the concept of a dapper business chic to the next level by appealing to surprising and at the same time optic-pleasing colors as the light blue and white. These all celebrate the breezy weather.

Calvin Klein Collection 2010 Calvin Klein Collection 2010

The Calvin Klein Collection 2010 breathes life into a more masculine and classic look by restricting itself to the neutral tones and more precisely the endless tones of gray. Both basic style items as shorts, jackets and also ties, shirts and accessories contribute to the creation of a uniform-style impression. The young models stroll on the runway as schoolboys wearing their age- and discipline-appropriate short suits.

Pairing the right socks and shoes with the whole attire is also one of the crucial signs of a neat and polished look. Embrace a similar outfit inspiration if your would like to wear the signs of classic elegance and business chic. Flash your toned legs by picking the right short length as well as the fitting cover-ups and also shirt collar. Pay special attention to all these details to bring out the best of your look.

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