Mango Fall/Winter 2010/2011 Collection

Bohemian, denim, vintage, florals, leather, masculinity, sheer, classiness, all together meet into Mango’s collection for the latest season in fashion, where fall’s explosion of brown shades take over the runway with representative looks that embrace the latest trends along with reinvented old ones. Check out next this fabulous collection!
30 Aug, 2010

Recognised world wide for their unique and affordable clothes, with a special trend mark on every design, the fashion brand Mango has taken the world from country to country, from big city’s mall to local boutiques, reaching a high level of perfection in our eyes. With special details and trendy refine clothes, they succeed taking street’s style above regular clothing items.

By always maintaining a balance between the new and updated trends that influence on today’s diverse styles and Mango’s specific style, the brand manages to be always on the top favorite urban fashion labels for any teenager or young adult.

The Fall/Winter 2010/2011 season at Mango seems to be less eccentric but more stylish with fabulous looks that combine together classic items with new revealed fashion trends yet the result came as an amazing collection that doesn’t stand only through the flawless styling options but also in the thematic chosen that follows an urban business area where courageous outfit picks are acceptable and put in value tomorrow’s generation’s imagination.

With a major accent going from the very start on the latest fashion trends, Mango’s collection for Fall 2010 Ready-to-Wear season comes on boho-chic influences, monochromatic outfits, trendy business wear, classy urban accents, stylish feminine touches and mysterious sexiness.

The accessories chosen for the runway looks in Mango’s Fall/Winter 2010/2011 Collection play a major role by spicing up every outfit with statement attraction points, from large oversized scarves to fabulous and chic vintage fedora hats, thin boho waist belts that emphasize a woman’s body or rough leather business messenger bags.

Even if the chromatic theme doesn’t involve too much imagination, the one-color outfits are over-looked up this season by being transformed into one of the leading fashion trends for the Fall/Winter 2010/2011 season. Showing seriosity and expressing professionalism or unrevealed mystery, the colors dominating are black and brown, the perfect combination between two classics.

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