Love 21 by Forever 21 Fall 2010 Lookbook

Urban-chic, feminine yet conservative, cool and mysterious, refine but casual, all these styles get mixed up in a stylish and fashionable manner through the Fall/Winter 2010/2011 Lookbook, Love 21 by Forever 21. From comfortable trendy outfits to sophisticated business influences, the collection presented for this new season looks absolutely amazing!
02 Sep, 2010

One of the leading and most powerful American fashion brands for today’s youth that has an influential strength over the street’s style and fashion that overcomes our world is definitely Forever 21. With a large history since back in 1984, the fashion label Forever 21 has developed into an international brand that launched stores in different formats from the main store Forever 21 to other wings like Love 21, Heritage1981, 21 Men, Faith 21, Forever 21 Twist, HTG81, all having a major success around the world with their uniqueness and individual modern style.

If the brand may have started in 1984 with regular women’s clothing, now they have expanded their label through accessories, swimwear, footwear, lingerie, menswear and kid’s clothes inspired by the adult’s line at Heritage1981.

The Lookbook for Love 21 by Forever 21 in the Fall/Winter 2010/2011 season was inspired by urban underground fashion influences combined together with classic and sophisticated mix of accessories and clothing items. With interesting shapes, overall appearances and a charming carefree image of the newest season, Forever 21 launches a stylish, elegant, fabulous collection.

Since this fashion brand is dedicated to both, young women and men, the prices picked up are quite affordable even if the quality is really good and the clothes are extremely chic. This collection presented expresses perfectly how business wear and school’s style connect together, matching a casual comfy allure attached to conservative sophisticated details!

Images via Forever 21

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