Draping Spring 2010 Fashion Trend

Fashion pros worked hard to make their creations even more flattering for all body shapes. The 2010 Spring draping fashion trend serve as the quintessential means to narrow the chasm between average women and the ready-to-wear collections presented on the catwalk. The floating fabric as well as the relaxed flow of the dresses and tops will offer everyone the chance to camouflage eventual beauty flaws and place into the spotlight the most flattering features.
12 Feb, 2010

Draping proved to be one of the ageless and at the same time neglected trends in the last decades. Indeed it managed to enter both the repertoire of wedding dress collections as well as 'haute couture' creations. The upcoming season will righteously pay tribute to this tendency that offers a tint of sensuality and romance to both dresses, tops and even pants. The great designers aimed to come up with an alternative to bring these ready-to-wear ensembles closer to the style-conscious public. As one of the most efficient and time-tested methods to accentuate best features and also camouflage eventual bumps and extra-pounds, draping offers not only a remedy for fashion-philes but also a vision-pleasing impression. The season grants us with an overwhelming parade of memorable creations worth looking through.

Burberry Prorsum Spring/Summer 2010 Burberry Prorsum Spring/Summer 2010

Christopher Bailey stole the heart of ladies with Burberry Prorsum Spring/Summer 2010 collection that celebrates the femininity of fine lines, charming fabrics as well as a candy-coated color palette.The juvenile look is further enriched by the effect of draping. You'll find this stylish technique on miniskirt, dresses and even tops. The attires are eager to wrap ladies into a soothing and confidence-boosting cover that would emphasize their sculpted silhouette.

Pastel colors paired with charming knots as well as asymmetrical accents all reflect the trademark youthful look of Burberry Prorsum. Moreover the draped dresses follow special patterns that would interlace and run across the whole silhouette into a real opera of foils. The outfits are upgraded with a stylish trench which popularizes another fashion trend of the upcoming warm season.

Givenchy 2010 Spring/Summer Givenchy 2010 Spring/Summer Givenchy 2010 Spring/Summer Givenchy 2010 Spring/Summer

Givenchy also joined the fight of other fashion titans for the noble cause of furnishing women with a strong reason to be confident and express their sensual side. Fragility in this case is not a flaw since, draped dresses of this collection are the clear representation of finesse and feminine allure. The evening gowns as well as the semi-formal dresses are immortalized with the help of this popular tailoring technique.

Miniskirts in this case immediately shift the attention to the toned legs this way camouflaging all that might seem disproportionate on the upper body. However this section is not neglected either, instead this is the very spot that has the honor to blaze in a soft and noble piece of art. Givenchy manages to dress down the ceremonial and high brow look of draping by adding a jacket as a cover-up. This will turn the style items perfect both for a red carpet as well as rock chic look.

Michael Kors Spring/Summer 2010 Michael Kors Spring/Summer 2010

Michael Kors in his Spring/Summer 2010 collection lines up a multitude if popular fashion trends from the shimmery, to pastel colors as well as cut-out and also last but not least drape style. These all add a professional and at the same time creative tint to the complete presentation. The simple mono-colored aspect of the dress as well as the sophisticated quality of the tailoring contribute to the classic 'noblesse' of these dresses. Adopting the ideal length and silhouette-stroking fabrics the designer offers a memorable experience to those who decide to sport a similar ensemble. Paired with minimal accessories these draped style items bare the signs of Grecian simplicity and finesse.

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