Bodysuit Trend Spring/Summer 2010

The past decades paid their tribute to the oh-so-hot leotards and body-conscious accessories. The bodysuit trend spring/summer 2010 re-elaborated the chic outfits by adding more sex-appeal and a tint of high brow allure to them. Admired designers pierced these style items into their collections, a desire that was enough to launch a real craze among trend trotter style icons as well as the public. Those who would like to swap their shorts for the latest bodysuit designs should skim through the most high-class examples of this style tendency in the parade of mesmerizing fashion shows.
04 Mar, 2010

Lady Gaga is not the only one who is fond of the curve-flashing and voguish leotards. As a response A-list designers offered a more exquisite and glamorous cavalcade of similar style items that can perk up both a breezy summer or red carpet outfit. The bodysuit trend spring/summer 2010 echoes the '80s style vibe that fueled the reputation of these looks. Instead of restricting themselves to the Disco era-inspired appearances and effects, sovereign fashion aces succeeded in projecting bodysuits into a distinguished milieu of high brow and elegant couture. Derek Lam, Francesco Scognamiglio and Hussein Chalayan are only some of the great names that marked the fabulous fashion weeks with their overwhelming collections.

Francesco Scognamiglio 2010 Francesco Scognamiglio 2010

Red carpet as well as more sophisticated events are seldom associated with the pop era of the '80s. In spite of the past connotation of these form-fitting and statement clothing piece Francesco Scognamiglio decides to include it the creation process of a sophisticated and old-time glamorous attire. Pairing the bodysuit with high heels as well as the controversial fishnet stockings might suggest an ambiguous lure, However the stylish and perfectly tailored blazer as well as the simple fabric decorated with fastidious golden stars would immediately set the flow of impressions to the right track. Those who would like to appeal to a similar dauntless alternative should arm up with confidence and creativity.

Derek Lam 2010 Sophia Kokosalaki 2010 Roksanda Ilincic 2010 Hussein Chalayan 2010

Acclaimed fashion gurus expressed their keen desire to turn plain bodysuits into a gild-edged and unique detail of a flamboyant apparel. Therefore some of them exposed the stylish leotards in their purity crowned with the basic accessories as shoes and handbags. These style variations undoubtedly speak for themselves and manage to distinguish themselves due to the 'femme fatale' uber-presumptuous aura they radiate.Derek Lam and Sophia Kokosalaki are the main representatives of this style ambition.

On the other hand some would add a tint of summer vibe to their creations by complementing the neutral colored and silky smooth bodysuits with a stylish cover-up. Be it a tunic or a coat all comes down to the mysterious and skin-flaunting look. Roksanda Ilincic as well as Hussein Chalayan created some of the signature pieces for the spring/summer season. These apparels praise the warm weather that allows style trotters to sport the latest bodysuit fashion trends. From the one shoulder to the ruffled leotards all find their place in the outstanding parade of outfits.

Derek Lam 2010 Rochas 2010

The bodysuit trend presented in the Rochas Spring/Summer 2010 show suggests a more Romantic and 'good girl' restrained perspective towards the evolution of this fashion tendency. The mid-length sleeves as well as the chic heels and the additional skinny belt all ally to turn this attire into a real work of art. The memorable look is further softened and subdued with the cute braided hair style. Indeed the designer managed to add a tint of sophistication to the look by turning sex-appeal into subtle femininity.

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