Zara Fall 2010 Men Ad Campaign

Elegant, stylish and sophisticated the Zara Fall/Winter 2010/2011 Ad Campaign for Menswear brings out a British side that combines simplicity into chic and trendy urban business outfits. Dramatic but fascinating, the collection looks fabulous and courageous. Are you ready to follow Zara’s new style for men?
01 Sep, 2010

Whenever we think about the Zara fashion brand all we have in mind are stylish looks and sophisticated clothes updated by the latest fashion trends that overcome that specific season. Good quality for affordable prices, Zara is recognized world wide for their interesting store-collections, evolving style and successful progress made through the years in this industry.

Always fashionable and always great clothes for both, men or women, the Zara fashion brand sets new styles and trends in every season, perfectly adaptable for everyone. From business wear to school outfits, parties and special nights, casual-chic or elegant classy, they cover them all easily.

This season, Zara’s Fall/Winter 2010/2011 Ad Campaign for menswear brings a refreshing exciting style into the spotlight. The British-classy image has made a come-back in these pictures, but more elegant and sophisticated than ever. With the same unapproachable attitude and flawless teenage/young adult rough allure attached, the collection will be a success from every point of view.

Even if the chromatic theme doesn’t emphasize a lot of imagination, with accents that go mostly on darker shades of black, khaki or brown, Zara prepares to bring out the classics into a modern perspective of a reinvented style that focuses on businesses and perfect styling choices without over-accessorizing one look.

Low cut suit pants, classy camel trench-coats, cozy neck shirts, waist belted winter coats, beige sweaters or blazers, leather jackets, shiny silky shirts and basic must-have suits are the items that Zara’s ad campaign puts in value through their minimalism overall looks yet the elegant and irresistible touch brought in your attention through all these outfits.

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