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He may have started his career as another r'n'b artist, but he doesn't just stop there. We've spotted an evolution not only in music or personal life, but in fashion too. No no, it's not another drama queen or a Hollywood's party animal. This time it's about the stylish and hottie Kanye West. No better example for a male modern fashion icon than him. Check out next his style!
24 Apr, 2010

Over the years we've spotted so many fashion icons that come and go, but in the male row we kept those who are classy, sexy and elegant. Well, here's an exception. Kanye West brings out a new image for today's masculine figure by combining his own trends that go from all black tuxedo to hip hop style to geek-chic or vintage gentleman, all into a new and modern appeal.

If through the years the r'n'b and hip hop area didn't rise so much in the fashion world as rockstars or indie band boys did, now this side of the music seems to get more and more attention from the designers and press too. But not only Kanye West has made a major development in his style, other hip hop artists like Jay-Z, T.I., Kid Cudi or Pharell Williams had improved their appearances.

Kanye West has changed different styles in time and has also released new trends in men's fashion. At first he went for baggy hip hop style, then he changed it for futuristic techno influences, after that for geek-chic style but in all this time he kept a classical appearance that every man needs to show. For any important event, every man stands out in a tuxedo and with the right accessories you may as well be a style icon too.

The biggest trend that he released was definitely in accessories. Kanye doesn't go with an “ok” pass on his outfits. Going always for flawless appearances and using the right accessories is an important step because we all know that a look is all about the details. His most loved accessory is definitely his sunglasses. He doesn't just go for one, because with every new look, a new pair of shades is a must-have.

Whether is the classic Ray-Ban wayfarers or aviator sunglasses, plastic structural shades, nerdy vintage glasses and even shutter eyewear, Kanye looks always fantastic. With the most outstanding shape or color, Kanye West makes sure that his accessories come on the same line as his perfectly put together outfits do.

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