Dolce and Gabbana Fall/Winter 2010/2011 Menswear

Dolce and Gabbana is one of the most prestigious fashion houses ever so for the Fall/Winter 2010/2011 Collection the two designers Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana prepared for us an amazing collection that combines casual everyday looks with evening wear or business suits.
05 Feb, 2010

Dolce and Gabbana is best known in clothing, handbags, shoes or sunglasses. It is one of best Italian fashion houses next to Gucci, Armani, Roberto Cavalli, Prada, Versace or Valentino. But when it comes to menswear Dolce and Gabbana takes the lead and goes straight to the top. In order to maintain there, the designers Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana prepare for every season a mind blowing collection and still keep on shocking us every time.

From the very first moment when the models started coming on the runway we knew that this is not like every other collection. Like we got used to, the Dolce and Gabbana models are mainly very muscular, sexy, good looking and macho men, not like we have seen on other designers collections, skinny thin models even on menswear.

The Fall/Winter 2010/2011 Menswear collection is divided in different sections like: interior wear, casual looks, nights out wear or business suits. As we know, Dolce and Gabbana always stands out in their collection for the neutral colors used like distinctive black, creamy brown, dark gray or navy blue.

The main new trends inspired by this collection are: knitted sweaters, velvet pants, shiny suits, denim vest and jeans, navy striped suits, pea coats, leather jackets, washed up jeans, used looking shoes.

Besides the new arrivals that usually hold on a few seasons, we can see here classic items like: basic white shirts, black perfectly fitted business suits or thin ties.

When we are talking about men’s fashion, we are thinking mostly about suits, right? Well, the designers prepared a special section for suits only in the Fall/Winter 2010/2011 collection. We have different types of suits like the classic black one, the navy striped suit, shiny ones or the velvet suit. Judging about the latest trends, the velvet suit is a must-have for this year.

For the everyday wear section we have from different materials to types of clothing. The knitted sweaters and cardigans come hard in the Fall/Winter 2010/2011 collection by adding a casual touch to those used looking boots. The outerwear is mainly in dark colors, like we all got used, but we still have an edgy part in this collection given by the washed up jeans and vests and the velvet blazers attached to them.

As you can see, the two designers, Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana, still got our attention for the Fall/Winter 2010/2011 Menswear collection and they make us wait impatiently until the next season comes to see what other surprises they have prepared for us.

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