D&G 2010 Spring Summer Menswear

Are you all about denim and style? If you are D&G has created for the 2010 spring summer season an incredible fashion collection for men. Find out how you can look as hot as a stallion with D&G.
23 Nov, 2009

Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana are known for giving life to fabulous fashion collections every time, and this season the expectations were fully met. D&G is an internationally known brand famous for the high quality gorgeous outfits created for casual wear.

D&G 2010 spring summer menswear collection came as a pleasant surprise on the runway presentation as it was very distinct from other collection featured for the 2010 season. Style was expressed though every outfit created by D&G and the sources of inspiration were made visible to emphasize the collection's style.

D&G D&G D&G Spring 2010 D&G

Because vintage styles were at the base of most fashion collections this 2010 spring summer season, it's influences couldn't have missed from D&G menswear collection. The vintage style was introduced by western attire, western influences which created a true spectacle out of every outfit. Because we live in a modern world, modern influences had to have made their presence felt and the designs of the collection gave the much needed characteristic.

The two vintage and modern influences blended beautifully together to create the unique and hot collection for men.
Ripped denim, acid washed jeans assorted with gorgeous denim shirts and jackets created a spectacular casual yet attractive look. The leather pants and accessories featured in the collection helped deepen the western influences of the collection. The collection can be easily divided into two style casual chic and business chic.


The business attire created by D&G for the 2010 spring summer season looked spectacular. Gorgeous western style suits, vests paired with gorgeous jeans and suit jackets. The look created is most definitely wrapped in sex appeal, as it attracts an enormous amount of attention.
Suitable for powerful men with a confident attitude, the D&G 2010 spring summer menswear collection is a definite must for the next season.
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