Costume National Spring/Summer 2010 Menswear

Ennio Capasa has created for Costume National a very interesting casual chic collection for men. If you are looking to upgrade your casual style try Costume National's 2010 spring collection pour homme.
22 Oct, 2009

Costume National, the well known Italian name in the fashion industry has based their collections on simplicity and style. The founder and designer of Costume National company, Ennio Capasa is known for his casual chic inspired collections. His 2010 women's collection was based on the same concept, casual chic style.

The 2010 ready to wear fashion collection for men has a very appealing feel which instantly makes you think: style, confidence, individuality, casual, lovable. The main influence of the collection appears to be gorgeous confident rocker type of guy. There is a little bit that in every outfit craeted by Ennio.
Loose army inspired pants tucked into the black boots topped with gorgeous shirts, trenches or waist cut jackets have an amazing casual effect. They act like a magnet since they capture the attention.

Costume National 2010 Men Costume National Spring 2010 Men

The chicness of the collection deepens as gorgeous costumes are presented in a very stylish yet classic way. Ennio demonstrates how you can take a simple suit and wear it formally as well as casually. The tucked in pants, turned up sleeves, c-thru or simple shirt can offer the casual look you yearn for.
The casual bermuda shorts offer the casual elegant and vintage style which contributes to the amazing look of the entire collection.

Costume National 2010 Spring Costume National 2010 Spring Men

The colors used by Ennio Capasa for his 2010 spring collection for men are very toned downs. We can see only powerful dark colors which blend beautifully with the collection's theme. Black, white, grays and dark greens complete the collection and offer it the casual chic air it exudes.
If you are looking for casual style to take you out of the ordinary, Costume National can offer you the perfect solution.
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Costume National Men Wear Spring 2010 Costume National 2010

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