Calvin Klein Spring 2010 Mens Collection

A name with a lot of influence in the fashion industry, Calvin Klein has managed to amaze once again with his 2010 men's fashion collection. Style and individuality are the main characteristics of great designs and this collection is all about that and more.
23 Nov, 2009

Calvin Klein has been an important name in the fashion industry and it comes to no surprise why. Luxury and high quality are the best descriptive characteristics of the brand, characteristics which are a guaranteed way success.

Calvin Klein 2010 menswear collection is filled with style. A bold collection for Calvin Klein's usual signature, the 2010 spring summer collection came as a true surprise. Calvin Klein has always created gorgeous and stylish outfits and this year the collection didn't fall under peoples expectations.

Calvin Klein men Calvin Klein 2010 Calvin Klein Calvin Klein men 2010

The style of the collection could be characterized as being mostly business chic. This is a style that creates a very attractive look, a look which suits men with a high dose of confidence. Gorgeous suits paired with gorgeous leather shoes, create a very stylish and formal attire.

Through the gorgeous business suit styles a little less formal outfits are introduced just to give the collection a little bit of diversity. Casual business wear is featured by monochrome outfits. Short pants paired with gorgeous shoes and blazers, pants assorted with shirts and jackets give a certain casualness to the collection's sombre style.

Calvin Klein Calvin Klein

The surprise of the collection came around the end of the presentation where a splash of color was introduced through the simplistic monochrome collection. Neon blue, orange and color shifting materials were used to create beautiful outfits. The splash of color was necessary to balance the entire collection and nothing states summer better that a little bit of color.

Style, individuality and elegance is what Calvin Klein wanted to underline and he has done so perfectly.

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