Calvin Klein Fall/Winter 2010/2011 Menswear

With an unapproachable attitude, the Fall/Winter 2010/2011 Menswear brings out a minimalist collection that puts in value classy pieces with sophisticated details. Using a modern theme the overall simplicity accentuates every single piece on the runway and gives a new perspective of today's men's fashion.
17 Apr, 2010

When we're talking about fashion we think about luxury and classical pieces along with big names in this industry. In that row comes the Calvin Klein name too. Founded back in 1968, this company had a major success and the CK made soon his mark over the world. Being characterized as “the supreme master of minimalism”, his refreshing style was welcomed very well first by women and then by men too.

Starting as a coat shop for women and then for men in New York City, they expended their brand by appealing to sportswear, classic blazers and lingerie for women. After that an accessories label was launched too, creating shoes, sunglasses, fur and belts. The Calvin Klein brand kept on gaining popularity and so other labels in jeans, cosmetics and menswear came along.

The famous fashion brand Calvin Klein comes out for the Fall/Winter 2010/2011 season with lots of stunning pieces for men. Whether we're talking about sportswear or classy business outfits, they capture all into one collection that matches perfectly with men's expectations about fashion.

Presenting a minimalist collection, Calvin Klein kept a neutral chromatic theme to come along with their style. Basic items, reinvented through Calvin's eyes are spotted here and what looks like a simple suit is a classy and flawless look that will be hit-outfit with any occasion and will least you a lifetime.

Going from shades of grey to white, brown and black, this collection gives us a sophisticated allure even though simplicity. The luxurious and modern looks appeal to every personality or kinds of men and mixing together casual sportswear with classy formal suits, Calvin Klein creates a new perspective over men's fashion.

The main items that catch out attention for their details and shape are: pea coats with sporty pants and massive shoes, shiny leather blazers, long trench coats, leather jackets with small details, abstract printed suits, waist belted trench coats with details, striped hoodie, shiny elegant suits, sport jackets, bomber leather jacket and shapeless minimalist coats.

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