Burberry Prorsum Fall 2011 RTW Menswear Collection

It's out with the military fashion and it's in with the neon techno influences in outerwear, in Burberry's latest fashion show for men in the Fall/Winter 2011 season. Plaids, fun pop splashes of color and classic Londonize vintage influences take over the runway in Burberry Prorsum's collection.
18 Jan, 2011

Fashion Trends

Remember those military coats, hardcore leather or shearling jackets for men by Burberry from the last couple of seasons? Well those are history, because in the Fall/Winter 2011 season the accent comes straight on eccentric fun details that maintain carefully a carefree image with a refine sense of style. Burberry Prorsum's fashion show starts in an elegant manner with colorful plaid classy coats and interesting yet childish influences in the chromatic chapter. The Londoneze charm is easily felt right from the start, where the Burberry typical fashion sense is slightly defined through shapes and styles adopted.

Meanwhile, plaids are transformed into blocking colored winter coats, which present an adventurous and eclectic person whose attitude reflects the personal style chosen. Of course, not everyone loves shocking through colors, or attracting eyes through one item, or being in the center of attention for that matter. For those, the classy Burberry coats came as their saviour. Dark, stylish, extremely good quality and very adoptable for business meetings, office style or anything, because they are classy and ageless.

Styles & Colors

The Fall/Winter 2011 season at Burberry Prorsum emphasizes new styles and trends for menswear in the business chapter. For those that wonder how to spice up their office wardrobe without trying too hard or simply failing, this fashion show presents different outfits and styles for different types of men. For those daring stylish guys, blocking colors are the solution, for those shy yet in search for a new style come the light colored and perfectly shaped winter coats and for the classic typical masculine guys, the hardcore presence of leather, dark colors or elegant luxurious fur might be the perfect solution.

Very strongly defined in Burberry's fashion show for the Fall/Winter 2011 season, come the edgy entertaining colors. At first come the colorful plaid winter coats, which always sent us to the Gossip Girl style, but now it seems that it's the turn of Gossip Boy to shine. Clear blue, pop orange, olive deep green, electric blue, fun yellow or spicy red, are just a few fashion trends in the chromatic theme.

Images via GQ.com

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