Bottega Veneta Fall/Winter 2010/2011 Menswear Collection

Urban grunge is taken to another level with Bottega Veneta's menswear collection for the next fall. With lots of color and fun through the combination of items in every outfit, this line is prepared to go from the runway into the streets. Check out Bottega Veneta's fabulous collection!
06 Apr, 2010

The “Venetian atelier” meaning Bottega Veneta is one of Italy's greatest fashion labels well known for their luxurious leather goods. With a history since 1966, this brand started with artisanal leather goods and soon the company managed to find its way to a unique signature for the label.

What started at first as a local leather goods company is now a world wide extended one with stores and boutiques in major European countries with a high level developed in fashion like Italy, France, United Kingdom, Russia, or Asian ones like Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore or India and last but not least in America's biggest cities like fashion capital New York, Chicago, Las Vegas, Beverly Hills or San Francisco.

With an endless creativity and a strong point of view, Bottega Veneta's fashion designer, Tomas Maier takes a step ahead and comes out with fun youthful pieces inspired by today's modern trends and street style in men's fashion. Making works of art walk down the runway, Maier prepares for Bottega Veneta the most amazing looks from head-to-toe that mix together futuristic, vintage and modern in the same time.

The chromatic theme chosen in Bottega Veneta's Fall/Winter 2010/2011 season accentuates the freedom in their urban casual chic style. We have colors like imperial blue-purple, arsenic, gray-asparagus, sapphire, royal purple, chocolate brown, pure black and coral red.

The main trends that rise out from Bottega Veneta's Fall 2010 Ready-To-Wear Menswear Collection are seen through details that accentuate the looks like: string ties, leather pants, maxi luggage-bag, biker boots, sportswear jackets, V-neck shirts, leather gloves, one-shoulder messenger bags, colored leather jackets, suit blazers with baggy jeans, low cut printed formal pants, pop colored blazers or brogues with long white socks.

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