Runway Makeup - Bold Dramatic Looks

The bold dramatic make-up spotted on the fall runways, brings a certain Gothic allure, due to the powerful dark eyeshadow colors used to create it. We can see colors like black, dark red, dark purples, but neutral shades as well like beige and sand, used depending on which part one desires to emphasize, the eyes or the lips. Learn how to wear bold dramatic runway makeup looks.
07 Oct, 2009

The 2009/2010 fall make-up trends are very hot. Since the fashion trends and colors change, going from splashes of color to more neutral and earth toned shades, make-up should be matched in order to balance the overall look of an outfit.

Dramatic make-up is in and it is hot, hot, hot. This type of make-up helps enhance facial features, creating a more sophisticated and mysterious look. When it comes to dramatic make-up you have two options, to enhance your eyes, or to enhance your lips.
The make-up proposed by make-up artists for the 2009 fall season appropriate for night time enters the dramatic world.

If you wish to emphasize your eyes with make-up go for heavy eyeliner topped with dark colored eyeshadow. You can choose to create a smokey eye make-up because it looks great and really make the eyes stand out.

Apply plenty of mascara as a finishing touch to add a little more glamor and mystery to your eyes. Wear a clear lip gloss to match your eye make-up and to avoid making your make-up look too heavy.

If you wish to have a more subtle approach, go for the dramatic lips make-up. Apply eyeliner on your eyes and top your eye make-up with soft neutral colors like beige. Use dark colored red lipstick on your lips to make them look luscious and sensual.

This type of make-up will give you a certain vintage, mysterious and sexy look. It works great on women with darker and fair complexion. All you need to do is make sure you choose the colors that help enhance your complexion and facial features.

Stay beautiful and trendy with dramatic make-up and remember to accentuate only your eyes or your lips to avoid overdoing it, making your make-up too strong and unattractive.

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