Anna Sui Makeup & Hairstyles Spring 2011

Anna Sui's bohemian timeless inspiration keeps us updated with new and modern trends over and over again without ever going out of style, but how do we manage to get the look from head-to-toe, including hairstyle and makeup and adopt it daily? Find out next which fashion trends are to follow in the Spring 2011 season!
29 Dec, 2010


Spring is around the corner and looking fabulous is easier than ever through a natural, glowing makeup, affordable for any pocket and perfect for any style, exactly like it was presented to us in Anna Sui's Spring 2011 collection. From hairstyle to makeup, Anna Sui chooses naturality, wearability and glow over abstract, dramatic or heavy eye makeup.

As always, Anna preferres to have a story to tell through her divine and feminine clothes which inspire in every season a new way of reinventing her style and to complete the overall flirty spring look. The choice of glittery gold as an eyeshadow for daytime emphasizes a stylish and romantic side of the collection where without going over the top with hairstyle or make-up we get the same effect but in a different manner. The style is as wearable for the runway as it is for the streets.

Since the accent comes on perfectly defined eyes, the rest of the makeup is quite simple and natural looking in order not to show a mask, only a beautiful face. If you're using this makeup at home, make sure you find the perfect hue of foundation to complete the natural look presented. Also add a sheer lipstick to protect your lips, not to give them a color.


The hairstyles chosen for the Anna Sui's Spring 2011 collection continue to bring a fresh allure the these outfits, from naturally curled to naturally straight, all the looks enchant through soft childish femininity. The innocent hairstyles combined with glamorous glittery eyes make together the perfect combination for an edgier look, easily adopted to the street style.

Take into consideration the examples from this collection, wearing the chic glittery gold makeup and easy, natural curly hairstyles with bohemian printed dresses, flirty cute looks or sweet yet stylish office ideas, so that the entire effect makes the perfect idea for daytime with an innovative side accentuated through the glitter which is not usually used for these styles. Also remember that the makeup can be wear confidently at a party, a club, dinner with friends and even a date.

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