2010 Make-up Trends - Red Lips

A make-up trend associated with vintage sex symbols, red lips make-up has once again become a hot trend. Follow fashion designers red lips make-up trends or inspire yourself from your favorite celebrity who looks fabulous with her sensual red lips.
24 Nov, 2009

Simple yet glamorous red lips have been popular for decades now and they haven't lost any of their sexiness. Many sex symbols of the past can be remembered wearing bold red lipstick and they were all gorgeous. This vintage look has always been associated with sexiness, and it is probably why it has managed to constantly find it's way to present trends.

Red lips make-up trends have always tried to remain basically the same, the same fire red or wine tones with a simple eye make-up. The bold coloration of the red lipstick matches perfectly with fair complexions as well as tanned skin. The red coloration of the lips will be sufficient as it will enhance the lips and make them appear so much more sensual.

Dior 2010 Dior

Red lips make-up has become a tremendous trend in 2009 as well as in the 2010 season as it is a vintage look which works beautifully with different fashion styles. Vintage fashion styles have become very popular this 2010 spring summer season and this type of make-up matches perfectly with the style. They offer a perfect blend of simplicity and sophistication, which gracefully create a very attractive look.

Because red lips make-up trend already create a very bold look, eye make-up should be kept as simple as possible. Going bold with eye make-up as well as the lips will lead to confusion as the both will compete to attract the attention.

Prada 2010 Prada 2010

Fashion designers have opted for this type of make-up for their fall-winter 2009 and spring-summer 2010 fashion presentation. This type of make-up worked beautifully with some of the fashion styles, helping complete the look. Mark Jacobs, Prada, Christian Dior, Isaac Mizrahi are only a few fashion designers who have fully understood the benefits of red lips make-up.

Appropriate for almost all types of occasions, red lips make-up trend is one of the hottest trends available. Follow Gwen Stefani, Christina Aguilera and many more other celebrities for inspiration when it comes to red lips.
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