The Hermes Kelly Bag

The Hermes Kelly bag became famous in 1956 when it received it's mane after the well known actress Grace Kelly. Find out more about this gorgeous and elegant handbag which seems to be very popular among celebrities.
15 Oct, 2009

Hermes has created one of the most amazing and popular handbags and it was named Kelly, after the famous 1950's actress Grace Kelly. The bag was originally designed around the 1930's but it's popularity only started to rise when Grace Kelly started using it to conceal her pregnancy in 1956.

It seems that this is the time when this Hermes creation started to gain it's popularity. It became the center of attention whenever Kelly was using it and people started to grow fond of it. This is when Hermes decided to name the bag after her.

Because it's simple and elegant design the Kelly handbag has remained as popular in the present as much as in the past. It is one handbag that is considered to be the it bag, since getting a Kelly is not that easy. A special order must be place in order to receive a Kelly and it doesn't come cheap.

The Kelly handbags seem to be flawless and perfect in every single way. The details are incredible and the material used are of the highest quality. There are two types of material used for confectioning a Kelly and they are leather or exotic leather like crocodile, reptile, etc.

The design of the Kelly handbag doesn't seem to have changed, because it is elegant and simple, which are the most important characteristics of an item which has the qualities of remaining timeless.

The Kelly handbag remains one of the top choices of so many Hollywood celebrities. It helps add a little bit of elegance to any outfit, making a great fashion accessory.

The colors available vary widely and they can also be custom made. Choose to wear your gorgeous Hermes Kelly bag like Victoria Beckham who owns several in different colors and sizes, Britney Spears, Heidi Montag etc.

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