Stella McCartney Bags For Lesportsac

Do you long for enriching your handbag collection with another classy still casual designer piece? Then the accessories that were born fro the spectacular collaboration of Stella McCartney and LeSportsac will serve as a precious source of inspiration. Sport these eco-friendly and ultra-chic totes and handbags from the demigods of fashion.
14 Oct, 2009

LeSportsac is one of the world-wide known brands that managed to stay in spotlight even after all these years. Instead of sticking to traditional patterns, designs and techniques it succeeds in constantly re-inventing itself. Pleasing both the funky taste of younger generation as well as the refined style necessities of the older ones. By targeting the fashion-conscious public who besides 'look' seeks also practicality, LeSportsac proves to be the perfect solution to provide them with a helping hand when it comes of both traveling and accessorizing.

From the early 1970s till the present days LeSportsac maintained its devotion both for the elders still gradually turning its attention to the fresh and inspiring crave of the youth for colorful and versatile designs. This is the moment when the brand repeatedly re-invents itself through several collaborations with other designers.

Youthful prints and patterns as well as revolutionizing ideas don't stay far from one of the most appreciated young designers of our era, Stella McCartney. 2008 marked the beginning of a Casablancian 'beautiful friendship' between LeSportsac and the aspiring fashion artist.

The 'Lifestyle' limited edition lines up groovy totes, luggages and baby accessories and also traveling bags. Fashion-forward average people as well as celebrities welcomed the line with open arms. Some of them became top notch pieces in their wardrobes further popularizing the ageless brand.

Another great advantage of the line is that it follows the true-to-environmentalism Stella McCartney attitude using as the main fabric recycled polyester. These bags besides being eco-friendly offer enough space to store stuff as well as it can be paired with a breezy casual outfit as well as a more informal one.

The colors reflect the youthful and groovy and also natural principles of creation. Ranging from the beige, to brown, black and also purple these universal tones seem to match both the taste of the youth as well as that of the older generations.

The price of these multi-functional and chic bags ranges between $200-$250, those who are keen to sport these accessories can choose from 30 to 40 designs in different sizes and colors. This fact guarantees that everyone will find at least one piece that would match personal preferences. Non-leather accessories seem to get the handbag fashion to another level, as one of the basic objectives of LeSportsac reveals.

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