Oonagh O'Hagen Designer Bag Totes

Art and fashion seem to be old friends, as they inspire one another creating and producing, over centuries, lots and lots of splendid, controversial and inspirational collaborations. The territories and the delimitations between art and fashion are nowadays not so brutal, so no wonder you’ll see in a museum of contemporary art a bag signed by Marc Jacobs or Murakami. In the era of perpetual transformations, what could be more attractive and exciting than artists trespassing into fashion and vice versa?
15 Dec, 2009

Designer Oonagh O'Hagen did not only collaborated in her past with famous brands like Burberry or Louis Vuitton, but she also has a reputed career in the arts field. She graduated fashion at St. Martins; she is an art director and a freelance designer. Her talent, spontaneity and vision made even possible an exhibition at the Museum of Modern Art, in New York.

It seems that you can nowadays purchase both art and fashion at very low prices. For example, take Oonagh O'Hagen’s bag totes – they come for only $65. And plus, they come with a Hermes Kelly bag, a Chanel classic flap or a Murakami Louis Vuitton printed bag.

Some of us may consider these cheap totes as an artifice or a joke. Or, more exaggerated, a true blasphemy, as they record some historical bags printed on an ordinary canvas. But when fashion transcends art and they mix, something else comes up: the idea, the statement, a fine example of mockery or irony.

We find these totes funny, practical and loose. And let’s not forget they are really cheap and still have some glam decorations. This is not necessarily imitation, but artistic power.

Let’s just hope that LV, Chanel or Hermes won’t find this “artistic” moment too disturbing or even a law issue. Meanwhile, you go ahead and put fashion on your tote. You literally do it! It worth it!

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