Marc Jacobs Rockabilly Leather Bag

Do you long for a simple, classy still subtly ultra-sophisticated handbag? Then Marc Jacobs guessed your wish and was keen to fulfill it. The Marc Jacobs Rockabilly Leather Bag will be the perfect accessory to complement your both evening and casual attire.
14 Oct, 2009

It seems that the revival of the Rockabilly craze infected not only celebrities but also great designers. One of the greatest and most sought-after fashion gurus, Marc Jacobs seems to pay a decent and stylish tribute to this phenomenon by creating the Rockabilly Leather bag.

A refined and inspiring accessory that combines the well-defined geometrical shapes with the artfulness of the leather. The fact that the bag looks extremely average triggers the surprise effect, when the beholder spots the fuchsia satin and the minuscule details.

The laser-cut swirls flash the versatile and high brow quality of the bag. Moreover the whole design seems to resemble the greatest trick of a skilled magician. Those who judge at first sight might not observe the peeking satin from the zip-fastened pocket as well as the classy and apparently nuisance single strap and the side rings decorated with lattice as well as the silver-toned hardware.

The unique composition of this style ensemble reflects the natural born talent of Marc Jacobs to realize the greatest wish of fashion devourers for a handbag that is both cryptically high-tech but also ideal to be paired with a simple outfit as a business suit or an LBD. Those who wear bags to impress might opt for this accessory as the quintessential sign of a sophisticated taste for pure elegance.

The Rockabilly quality is given by the swirls as well as the classy on the surface but groovy in the depth aura of MJ handbag. As a hybrid term from the rock'n'roll and Hillbilly, Rockabilly style bares the prints of both the non-conformist nature of rock'n'roll as well as country music.

The designer managed to create a fusion of these two movements in one single art piece. Besides offering visual bliss it will also furnish the owner with enough space to store necessary stuff. Those who fell in love on the spot of this handbag should spend $1,350 to become the proud owner of this style fantasy.

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