Luxurious Rocio Clutches

Breathtaking designs and eco fabrics are the essentials when it comes to the Rocio luxurious designs. Over time, due to the philosophy when creating gorgeous purses, clutches or other bags, Rocio is now a worldwide known brand, with sales in more than 35 countries. And since we're celebrating the amazing success, there's no better way to do it than by going over the fabulous Rocio clutches.
27 Aug, 2010

The unique UK-based company has come up with for the upcoming season look simply amazing, and it’s easy to say that Rocio returns fashion in its deserved place, that being arts.
Loved all around the world, Rocio designs are literally haunted by fashionistas, as they are all artistic statements of sophistication and style. Rocio clutches art true works of art, cut and finished to perfection using natural elements, including wood, various gems, precious stones, crystals, shells and leathers, all at their highest natural quality.



Mostly made from wood, leather and shells, the Rocio clutches are simply gorgeous. We loved the Cheetah Clutches - Naomi and Nala clutch (both £285/ca. $440) - with beautifully hand painted cheetah print and elegant gold signature Rocio clasp and chain.

The glamorous Tiger Clutches (£305/ ca. $474) delicately hand painted with tiger stripes are two statement pieces of the Rocio miniature clutch collection.

Tiger clutches - Celeste and Sharkan



The classically shaped Carmen and Helen clutches feature Acacia wood exposure with luxurious burgundy leather and gold trim detail that make them timeless classics!

The Ariel and Kiara clutches from the Lions Paw collection are finesse statement pieces created with a combination of Mother Nature's finest materials that showcase utter luxury. The Lions Paw shell paired with Acacia wood bring together the most extraordinary of all Rocio designs.



Handmade, beautiful, delicate and 100% natural, all Rocio clutches are collector’s items – they're exquisite and outstanding pieces in the fashionista's wardrobe!
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