Louis Vuitton Spring 2010 Bags

Does the LV monogram sounds familiar to you? Maybe it reminds you about the iconic Louis Vuitton fashion house? After revolutionizing the world with all the Vuitton craftsmanship – bags, shoes, accessories, ready-to-wear, and even books, no wonder that everyone expects the best from the one label who established itself as one of the major leaders among the houses of fashion in the world. And what did Louis Vuitton had in mind for the spring season 2010?
10 Dec, 2009

Louis Vuitton’s spring collection for 2010 isn’t exactly what everyone supposed it to be. But, after all, since Marc Jacobs is behind any Vuitton design, no one did quite really expect something classy that translates nowadays into boring. And the spring 2010 Vuitton collection is anything but boring.

There were lots of backpacks included in the collection, some of them oversized, and other controversial. Jacobs played the fabrics like a design god and he managed to create the most outrageous bag collection the fashion world has seen recently. Plastics trash, tassels, duffel bags, oversized handles, metal hooks, lots of details, all merged together in a line of bags that found its unity in a rather difficult way.

It’s like a Louis Vuitton puzzle, in candy colors, and canvas bags which turned into leather ones. On some bags, the monogram, which is estimated at an extremely high point when it comes to money, wasn’t so visible. On some bags the monogram was more obvious, returning a certain equilibrium we all needed.

What fascinates about Vuitton’s spring collection for 2010 is the versatility when combining textures, fabrics and all the other elements, including the fur and the fox tails. The coloring, soft and delicate, the transition from canvas to leather, and mostly, the eternal reinterpretation of the Louis Vuitton logo – all these make the line a unique, creative and a must-have in the future spring. Still don’t believe me? Victoria Beckham already was spotted wearing one of the LV fox tail bag!

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