Lady Dior Handbags

What has fashion in common with politics? Well, a simple answer would be Lady Diana and the bag she inspired, crafted by Dior. When fashion in always about reinterpreting old symbols and putting them into new visions and shapes, no example is better than this statement-bag, which inspired and it still does every woman. But as Lady Di wasn’t just any woman, no wonder that Gianfranco Ferre, Dior’s creative manager back in the 90’s, has designed this stylish, simple, chic and gorgeous bag.
08 Dec, 2009

Funny, the bag continues even nowadays to be a cult among bags. Its geometric shape, crafted in black quilted leather, the Cannage pattern used, the metal charms forming Dior – that’s all been kept the same. Lady Diana did not only name this successful Dior design, but she inspired it to be maintained as a traditional, iconic symbol of very refined taste.

In later ad campaigns, other highly beautiful, successful, tasteful women became the face of this bag: Monica Bellucci, Marion Cotillard, Carla Bruni or Diana Krueger. Even fashion designers were inspired by Lady Dior handbag, as John Galliano designed a cosmetic bag for the Diorissime cosmetics collection.

Lady D by Dior is absolutely and without any doubt an historic handbag. Over time, it only came in a restrained range of colors, only black, pink and white, but sometimes color isn’t everything. Two short straps, the quilted flap, the metal charms composing Dior’s logo name, these are the elements that count and remain historical. And as time goes by, it’s easy to see how important and stylish this bag is, as many celebrities around the world wear it with pride.

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