Judith Leiber Crystal Bags

If nowadays her handbags are part of the permanent collections of museums around the world, a long time ago Judith Leiber had another history. She was born in Hungary, Europe, and then, after getting married, she moved to the US, where she set up the Judith Leiber Company in 1963. Starting with that year, the company became more and more famous for its evening bags, but also for all the other accessories and handbags. Still, Judith Leiber’s signature is definitely the crystal covered bags, extremely ornamental, beautiful and feminine.
31 Oct, 2009

Each bag signed Leiber is a truly piece of art. You just have to think about her Windflower Bag ($4595), with sculpted petals and gold accent, covered in beautiful crystals, or the Rose Bag ($3575), a beautiful rose-shaped bag, artistically combining the leaf detailing which is featured on the bottom of the bag with the actual rose-sculpted petals.

The Mosaic Bag ($3795) is another hand-crafted full of attention to details bag, which comes in a rectangular shape. Its name comes from the mosaic pattern featured on the bag, created with the help of gorgeous Austrian crystals.

If you’re feeling romantic and glam in the same time, our recommendation would be the Heart N Soul bag, which has, of course, the shape of a heart, featuring a nineteen inch chain. The Spring Breeze bag goes again to a romantic look, as its hand beaded in wonderful spring flower motifs.

Judith Leiber’s craftsmanship and artistic vision turned into many other gorgeous purses, just like the Imperial Delight Bag is. Priced at $4495, this I a multicolored purse, featuring gorgeous crystals both on the purse itself and on the top handle too.

But the prize for elegance, subtlety and refinement definitely goes to the red satin and crystal bag, with soft satin sides, with Austrian crystal trim that definitely makes it the perfect bag for a night out.

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