Hermes Spring 2010 Bags

Wide worldly recognized as one of the most successful fashion brands, Hermes is one of the leaders when it comes to luxury, artistry, craftsmanship and style. With a history older than 100 years, Hermes is nowadays a symbol in the fashion world, best represented by its ready-to-wear, leather products, accessories and perfumes. Each season, Hermes collections definitely change the perspective on current trends, no wonder we were excited to discover the latest bag collection for spring 2010!
10 Dec, 2009

Jean Paul Gaultier’s vision turned the Hermes show for spring 2010 in a tennis field with oversized accessories, oversized bracelets and, of course, oversized handbags. The bigger, the better, they say, and this saying couldn’t be more specific for this collection!

I’m pretty sure every woman in her right minds is dribbling over a Birkin, right? Well, ladies, I’m very happy to say that the Birkin is definitely a timeless piece, and the fact that it’s reinterpreted is actually good news, since it continues the Hermes tradition of chic, simple, stylish, expensive and gorgeous. The “Shadow” Birkin appeared on the runway various times, in a wide range of colors and types of leather. And the Kelly bag too.

The whole Hermes spring line is clean, fresh and overwhelming. The accessories couldn’t but match the collection – so the bags were themselves overwhelming, both in size, and in statement. A luxury travel Kelly bag was introduces, and also exquisite clutches, luxurious leathers and delicate details and hardware.

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