Christian Dior Saddle Bags

John Galliano has created a remarkable western inspired handbag shaped as a saddlebag, this is where the handbag received it's name. Find out more about these gorgeous handbags, called the Christian Dior Saddle bags.
14 Oct, 2009

One of the most amazing and unique handbag collections crated under the glorious name are the Dior Saddle Bags. Their name offer a full description of their appearance and the similarity is stunning.

The saddle bags were created by John Galliano, a true ingenious fashion designer with an exquisite taste for fashion. They are shaped exactly like saddle bags, and they look gorgeous. The innovative western inspired design, offers the wearer an incredible stylish look.

There is no way to not recognize a Dior saddle bag when you see it. The “D” logo dangling from each saddle looks unbelievable.
The bags can be manufactured from different materials, but the material mostly used is high quality leather. The details and the stitching featured on any of the Dior fashion accessories are perfect. Every detail is flawless, this is why they are considered luxury items.

When John Galliano celebrated his 10th anniversary as designer for Dior he decide to spice up the saddle bag collection and as a source of inspiration he used different cultural elements from 12 countries, each county had it's own saddle bag theme. The collection resulted was fabulous and wort admiring. They are limited editions of the saddle bags and they are truly unique. It seems that the world has worked as a muse for Galliano, so no wonder the result was this extraordinary.

Celebrities also fell in love with this bag and seem to can't get enough. Jennifer Lopez, Kate Moss, Nicky Hilton, Sienna Miller, Keira Knightley are only a few proud owners of these gorgeous Dior bags.
The colors and details found on the Dior saddle bags vary from one handbag to another, so choose the one that fits your personality and style best. You will look gorgeous and your outfit will definitely be completed by your Dior saddle bag.

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