Chloe Heloise Shoulder Bag

Chloe has been, since its beginnings back in the 50’s, a reputed fashion brand, well known for its beautiful, yet wearable creations. Nowadays, you can’t call yourself a fashionable person if your closet doesn’t hide somewhere a Chloe bag or a pair of shoes. The brand’s signature elements – accessorized leather and great, gorgeous padlocks – still steal our eyes and make us want more and more of the Chloe spirit. And if Chloe’s Heloise handbag still doesn’t sound familiar until now, it’s time to introduce this iconic Chloe design.
08 Dec, 2009

What fascinates about this bag is that, in a miraculous way, it seems both contemporary and vintage. In a way, this handbag incorporates the main principles of a Chloe design: made of leather, with heavy accessories, and braided leather top handles.

Some might find it not exactly attractive, and some might just fall in love with it. We, on the other hand, we definitely are into it. This is a bag that can easily stand out, and, most important, will make you stand out when wearing it as the perfect accessory. You can purchase this beautiful design at an estimated price of $1650, but I’m pretty sure you won’t regret it at all.

Chloe Heloise handbag comes in various colors, but probably the most appreciated is the one in shade of taupe leather. Besides that, the red one or the black one doesn’t look that bad themselves. The bag features plenty of interior space, and has many pockets for your necessary daily items. The zip top closure, the pleated front and the other detail – the tabbed side – just make the design even more interesting and attractive.

This bag is definitely a 100% Chloe design, reinterpreting and gracefully continuing all that truly matters for Chloe: feminine, bohemian stylish products.

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