Versus 2010 Spring Summer Collection

Versus, the label belonging to Versace has presented a gorgeous fashion collection for the 2010 spring summer season under the direction of talented designer Christopher Kane so find out what made this collection so interesting.
12 Nov, 2009

Versus the fashion label belonging to Versace has pleasantly surprised the public with a lovely fashion collection.
The Versus 2010 spring summer collection was created by the young and talented fashion designer Christopher Kane, who managed to create a gorgeous sexy and feminine collection without going overboard. It is very easy to go wrong when creating sexy outfits that are meant to look sexy not sleazy. Revealing too much skin can be a disaster but Christopher Kane managed to to do the Versus 2010 spring summer collection justice.

The interesting cut out outfits were displayed by models who were placed on different size pillars throughout the stage. The whole presentation was very interesting, people being able to admire the designs while walking between the pillars.

Versus 2010 Versus 2010

Cut out outfits reassured with oversized safety pins looked great and gave an interesting touch to the sexy designs. The collection emphasized the best body parts, the legs and the upper body. This made the collection well balanced without crossing the fine line between sexy and trashy.
Roman influenced were also present throughout the designs. Gorgeously implemented the armor like materials created a spectacular look next to the vaporous dress materials.

Versus spring 2010 Versus spring summer 2010

The accessories used by Christopher Kane for the Versus 2010 spring summer collection are meant to balance each designs style.

Studded clutches, different size handbags, studded sandals, high heels, peep toe boots and masculine influenced flat ankle boots completed the gorgeous, elegant outfits.
The Versus 2010 spring summer collection was divided into three main colors, black, red and sandy-green. The colors used by Christopher Kane matched perfectly with the collection's glamorous and sexy style, acting like a well thought balance.
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Versus 2010 Versus 2010

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