Versace Pre-Fall 2011 Collection

The newest season at Versace starts powerful with the most controversial shades, shapes and trends, which might come as too much to be wearable for the streets but with a major fashion impact. For the Pre-Fall 2011 we see blocking colors, hardcore leather, a huge amount of prints and many structural shapes with futuristic influences!
31 Jan, 2011

Fashion Trends

The new Pre-Fall season at Versace starts amazingly with the most eccentric prints and fun color combination which attract our eyes on the details immediately. The collection gets powerful from the very beginning where we stop to analyze the looks and can't decide which part gets our attention. With futuristic influences, Versace's latest collections focus comes mostly on beautiful shapes and dramatic appearances.

The looks presented are extremely challenging and the details are extraordinary because of the complexity of every item, from pants to dresses or accessories. With a retro image among all these futuristic influences, the collection embraces fun stylish and playful details.

Even if we're focusing on the small details that make the Pre-Fall 2011 collection at Versace special, we simply can ignore the big eye-catching ones. Yes, we're talking about those impressive prints! Some say a print spices up every look, others say even a print can be too much, but what about these insanely beautiful mixtures of patterns? There's simply no way to ignore a presence like that.

Abstract, geometrical, goth or animal inspired, the prints selected take the collection to a whole new level where everything's that's retro goes up to futuristic. The silver alien, goth latex and chic sequin add a splash of modern vintage allure into these designs.


The chromatic theme chosen is perfectly chosen and very diverse. It all starts powerful since the very start with an interesting mix of colors that present a flawless and complex head-to-toe look. With deep shades of brown in an animal print, abstract red, green and blue blouse and golden chic printed skirt, the opening look is a success.

Later on the collection moves into a deeper side of the stylish daytime looks with an edgy side and more eccentric items to remember. Shades of midnight purple, red, electric blue or deep yellow are just a few color trends prepared for the Pre-Fall 2011 season. Along with these pop shades remain the classic black, all kinds of brown, cream or grey.


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