Valentino Spring Summer 2010 Collection

Valentino is one of the most admired Italian fashion designers. Valentino has always been admired for the luxurious attire and femininity of the collections. Find out more about Valentino's fashion collection for spring 2010.
19 Oct, 2009

Valentino has been known and appreciated for his designs for decades being considered one of Italy's most important fashion designers. It is well known that Italy is one of fashions piers being one of the leading trend setters in fashion.

Valentino has been a favorite choice of celebrity A-listers since he launched his first collection. His name has been associated with elegance and luxury, features that are the key ingredients to success. It is well known that the fashion world is associated with luxury, glamor, elegance and style, this is why people try to keep up with the latest fashion collections.

For the 2010 spring fashion collection Valentino has dazzled again. His collection radiates elegance, style and luxury, which are all the characteristics of a great fashion collection. The outfits created exude femininity and are meant to bring out the best of every woman. The materials used to create his gorgeous collection are very sheer and luxurious materials which glide around the models gorgeous bodies. Valentino has tried to emphasize femininity in the most subtle and simple way, by revealing the legs or by emphasizing a woman's body curves. This adds a little bit of sexiness to the collection, without being vulgar in any way.

Valentino Valentino Spring 2010

The long vaporous dresses glide around the body and have a certain sexy allure due to the movement allowed by the soft gliding material. The sensuality is also accentuated by the ruffles which add a little twist to the collection. Ruffles are considered very sexy and feminine and the way they were made a part of the collection makes them look incredible.

Valentino Fashion Valentino

The colors used by Valentino for his gorgeous collection are very warm toned colors. The colors are mostly grays, beige, black and soft yellow tones. The subtle prints add a little bit of modernism and sophistication to the collection.

Valentino's gorgeous collection is worth all the attention because of the simple, elegant and stylish way it was designed. Meant to take you out of the ordinary, the gorgeous outfits are make an extraordinary choice for formal events.
We will definitely see his collection on several red carpet events or other formal events this spring.
Choose a Valentino dress whenever you want to look and feel beautiful, because his outfits seem to have the power of making women feel and look gorgeous.
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Valentino spring 2010 Valentino Spring 2010 Fashion

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