Valentino Spring 2011 RTW Collection

Delightful and extremely charming, Valentino’s collection for the Spring/Summer 2011 season brings spring-ish influences where innocent looks lead into the nightlife mystery wrapped in fluid shapes and romantic overall appearances. From sheer to polka-dots, ruffles or lace, Valentino presents everything in a classy elegant manner.
13 Oct, 2010

Red carpet’s flashy lights, luxurious night’s out at the Opera, celebrity charity events, some of the most extravagant and presentable Hollywood parties, are a few places where the name Valentino is indispensable. With over the top dresses, elegant gowns and magnificent looks, the prestigious fashion house embraces with every new single collection an entire fashion show full of Valentino pieces make us fall more and more, in love with the brand.

With a delicate presence, the first look on the runway brings us right into the thematic, where granny polka-dots meet sophisticated sheer’s touch in an enchantic color that make the appearance very enjoyable. The belt-bow details on the waist is the it-item that puts the look in balance and captures the attention.

During the show, the looks kept on going in the same thematic, evolving a pure image for the dazzling innocent pieces. From ruffles to sheer, polka dots and lace, everything releases mystery along with elegance. The Valentino collection brought up next black’s intense looks into structural shapes wrapped in jackets, leather shorts or skirts.

Lace took a special place along the way with effective details that improved the delicate-looks and transformed them a bit more dramatic in the same romance captivating theme. Ending up the fashion show for the Spring/Summer 2011 big time, Valentino brought a series of looks with a fabulous allure that came with the elegant gowns which summed up the entire show. Pure, charming and graceful!

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