Tom Ford Spring 2012 Collection

Tom Ford has unveiled his spring 2012 fashion collection in an exclusive, small presentation and all the fuss surrounding this collection proved to be well worth it as the collection was just amazing. Check out the upcoming collection and pick your new season favorites!
23 Nov, 2011

Renowned designer Tom Ford unveiled his latest spring 2012 fashion collection in a private fashion show that took everyone's breath away. It seems that the recent return to women's designs brought the best out of the designer which wanted his spring 2012 collection to bring classics back. An explosion of femininity made this collection irresistible, so no wonder there was plenty of secrecy surrounding the collection. Tom Ford wanted to keep this collection under wraps for as close to launching as possible and the wait was well worth it.

The uber talented fashion designer managed to capture the essence of femininity and transpose it into classic, timeless designs that will last season after season in a woman's wardrobe without loosing their classiness. Sexy yet natural, the collection has a clear Latin-vibe exuded through the details that make all the difference for the finished product, details such as soft fringes, embroidery, ruffles and deep décolletages.

Mr. Ford told Vogue that he wanted this new fashion collection to bring something new yet classic, something that defines the Tom Ford label, and it seems that his efforts paid off as each of the design was wrapped in timeless glamour. He told Vogue that:
“My focus is really old-fashioned. I want to do classic clothes. I don’t want to do trendy collections that swing around from season to season. I want to do things that will stay in a woman’s wardrobe a long time—quite ‘forever’ pieces. So I’m looking for consistency.”

Tom Ford is known for creating amazingly feminine outfits whether dresses or pant ensembles, and this collections features pieces that can enchant women who adopt various styles but styles that have something to say, outfits that state deluxe.
From feathered details to gorgeous sequinned motifs and soft fringes that bring a bit of a vintage glamour to sexy modern yet classic leather pieces, elegant suits and stylish dresses anything goes, so prepare to be dazzled by each of the 36 outfits presented in the collection.

The amazing designs were injected with even more hotness through the color and fabric choice made by Mr. Ford. Red, purple, timeless black, white and brown dominated the collection whether monochrome or featuring graphic details such as snakeskin prints, cultural motifs or polka dots.
Check out the new collection signed Tom Ford for spring 2012 and pick your new season favorites.


Photos courtesy of Vogue

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