Paul & Joe Spring Summer 2010 Collection

Paul & Joe was named after the two children of the talented fashion designer Sophie Albou. Because every fashion designer find their source of inspiration in different sources, Sophie Albou has tried to bring sexy back trough vintage western influences so find which were the highlights of her collection.
26 Oct, 2009

From Milan to Paris and New York, the fashion collection designed for this 2010 spring summer season are wrapped around a fresh air, every designer expressing his vision the best way possible. It seems that fashion designers found their muse in different things, making each fashion presentation one of a kind.

Paul and Joe has presented at Paris Fashion Week an interesting fashion collection meant to bring out femininity through casualness. The muse for this 2010 spring/summer fashion collection seems to be western style, due to cowboy hats, vests and cute dresses.
Because shorts are one of the season's must haves, they couldn't have missed from the runway presentation. Shorts reveal the legs and create a very attractive look, a look every woman would want to be able to sport. To minimize the dose casualness and maximize style of the collection, Sophie Albou, the creative director of Paul and Joe has incorporated balancing elements through the materials and the colors used. The high quality elegant materials lessened the casual effect western influenced clothing usually have wrapped around them.

Paul and Joe Paul and Joe 2010

To enhance the femininity and add a touch of sexiness to the collection, Sophie has turned to gorgeous western dresses which were known for their lovely design. Lace, ruffles and fringes contribute to the collection's sensational style, completing the look.
There has always been something sexy related to western influenced outfits due to their mysterious look. The well known classic trench coat of western gun men is also featured in Sophie's collection, but a little bit of modern touches have transformed it into a lovely must have feminine trench coat, meant to upgrade the sensuality and attract trough the mysterious look it creates.

Paul and Joe 2010 Paul and Joe spring summer 2010

The colors used for the collection tone down and offer a more modern-vintage look. Sophie Albou used mostly black to emphasize the sexiness and mysterious look as well as light, warm colors like white, blue, pink, to balance the collection. It seems that there is a perfect balance between the theme and the needs of the present. There is a fine line when choosing such a theme because if one over does it, it might only lead to disaster, but this is in no way the case.

For accessories Sophie used elements which aid the collection's theme, cowboy hats and lace up patent leather boots, complete the collection's style. If you are looking for a sexy casual look, Sophie Albou can offer you the solution. Inspire your trendy outfit from Paul and Joe's collection for the 2010 spring summer season so you can look stylish and attractive.
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Paul and Joe 2010 Paul and Joe Spring Summer 2010

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