Osman 2010 Spring Summer Collection

Osman has created his dream fashion collection, an all white collection meant to enhance natural beauty. White expresses innocence and purity, characteristics which combined with beautiful designs create a spectacular result.
10 Nov, 2009

Osman 2010 spring summer collection represents his vision of purity, being an all white collection, a fashion collection Osman Yousefzada has always wanted to create and succeeded this year. All white collections have a certain purity related to it due to the simple white coloration which has always been a symbol of innocence and purity.

However creating an all white fashion collection is no easy task but the Osman 2010 spring summer collection looks incredible. Due to the simple coloration, all white collections require interesting and one of a kind designs which will make the collection look great without any coloration.
Osman's 2010 spring summer collection looked absolutely adorable. It seems Osman has found his source of inspiration from different parts of the world, from Asia to Greece, due to the obvious influences, kimono and Grecian goddess dresses.

Osman 2010 Osman 2010

The bell shaped dresses and skirts looked unbelievable and accentuated the legs to create a feminine sexy look. A little bit of color is featured on some of the clothing to accentuate it's style. The gold coloration chosen by Osman accentuated the purity exuded by the collection.
Ankle length white pants paired with gorgeous white blouses look like they are made out of clouds. They look so soft and attractive it's just unbelievable that a simple outfit can look as great. The materials used to create this all white collection are high quality materials which glide around the body.

Osman spring summer 2010 Osman spring summer 2010 Osman spring summer 2010 Osman spring summer 2010

Short dresses as well as maxi dresses with a simple design have an amazing attractive force and an elegant feel to it. The collection exudes elegance and style even if nothing too complicated is featured in the collection. Simplicity at it's finest can characterize Osman 2010 spring summer collection.
White suits all skin tones and can enhance tanned skin as well as fair skin tones. It is a fashion collection meant to bring out natural beauty, so if you are looking for simple and casual chic designs, Osman's 2010 spring summer fashion collection is the answer for you.
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Osman 2010 Osman 2010

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