Moschino Cheap and Chic Pre-Fall 2011 Collection

Fun and chic, with captivating details and extremely interesting colors, Moschino Cheap and Chic Pre-Fall 2011 Collection brings out a sneak-peek series of looks prepared to present next year’s major trends and inspirations. Get ready to see what 2011 holds in Moschino’s trends category!
14 Dec, 2010

Few looks, yet effective styling choices! With a large diversity in trends, colors and styles in only 8 pieces, Moschino Cheap and Chic Pre-Fall 2011 Collection stands out through the urban-romance inspired outfits which show a modern and youthful orientated brand. The looks presented come in clean shapes with diverse trends highlighted through fun and fabulous office outfits.

From the opening look we spotted a series of trends combined together and forming an absolutely astonishing outfit, perfectly wearable and completely unique. The mix between the polka-dotted top with the Chanel-inspired classy blazer with jewelry details gave a touch of freshness into a lovely childish look. By adding a pair of masculine grey pants, the entire outfit is balanced yet it presents different styles flawlessly combined together. The shoe-sock trend is accentuated here and it attaches an edgy-cool style to this cute and innocent look.

Ruffles, polka dots, oversized hearts, abstract cool colorful prints, jewelry details on clothes, perfect amount of accessories used, pointy-toe shoes, socks in shoes, pop colored tights or fuchsia madness are just a few items or trends pointed out in Moschino Cheap and Chic Pre-Fall 2011 Collection which embrace a new style for next year’s fashion combined with re-used already seen trends.

The prettiness attached to every single piece on Moschino’s collection brings out a soft, romantic and feminine side in this modern urban chic collection for the next year’s fall season. In the chromatic theme we have playful shades of easy green next to light yellow and orange mixed with edgy fuchsia and dark blue, which emphasizes both styles, the urban cool one and the romantic feminine style.

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