Max Azria Resort 2011 Collection

Summer is taking a different shape in Max Azria's Resort 2011 Collection, were we can clearly see lots of fluid materials that put in value a women's body leaving room for mystery and a touch of elegance, for sure. With an expressive model, Azria managed to emphasize the clothes by releasing through this presentation his beautiful designs inspired by summer's casual yet sexy beach wear.
12 Jun, 2010

Preparing fashion for a new season that needs to stand out to a higher level then the 2010 year did, the Resort 2011 collections seem to be more diverse then ever, and while some keep it vintage, others modern, urban or even futuristic, Max Azria goes for sensuality in his collection for the next year.
Combining together lots of beach wear mixed with casual trends, this Cruise 2011 presentation brings out comfort and elegance together without looking sloppy and reaching a level of perfection in these flawless looks.

With a model that presents Max Azria's designs in the most suitable way possible, the pieces come as flawless in the minimalist shoots that put accent on the woman and the outfit, not the background. We all know that less is more and Max Azria is here to bold up this quote by completing the looks as simple and as wearable as he can in order to maintain a balance between too much and too less.

Max Azria keeps it safe in Resort 2011 Collection where a variety of different looks come together in an entire presentation that maintains the same style, without pushing it to the limits. With mostly easy casual dresses perfect for beach wear, this line keeps up with regular women's wishes and combines together a mix between elegance and chicness captured into comfortable wear.

In Max Azria's Resort 2011 we've spotted lots or different textures that go from diverse abstract prints to bold and eccentric colors or earthy shades and minimalist looks. From browny colors to splashes of neon yellow, forest green, midnight purple and dark fuchsia, this collection has it all.

A major part in this collection has got the beachy dresses that come as loosen up, very comfortable yet really chic, in different shapes and colors, with prints or more simplistic, perfect for any type of personality.

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