Marc by Marc Jacobs Spring 2010 Collection

As Fashion Week surely made its victims, so did Marc Jacobs with his latest collection for spring 2010, as it was colorful, theatrical and so bold. "If last season was a trip back in time to the eighties, this was a trip to the theater, the ballet, the opera," Marc said. And indeed it was.
22 Nov, 2009

After opening his show with an almost conventional raincoat belted high above the waist, Marc quickly moved up to a whole universe made of colors, patterns, accessories and style. Everything was belted, starting with all the A-line dresses, high-wasted shorts, the skirts which, by the way, were made of flannel, the dresses or the trenches which were emphasized due to all the details applied.

Talking about small details that make the difference, let’s not forget that the prints were bold and tribal inspired, the dresses were dotted with pearls. This is a certain perspective on this collection, a dramatic expression yet a joyful one. Flannel skirts paired up with the high-in-waist pants, while lame dresses were followed on the runway with coats and lace and suits. The colors came consequently in white and black sequins.

In this febrile imagination, Marc Jacobs had to have some exquisite accessories to match his very eclectic collection. Besides the patterns and prints, the dots, stripes, prints (both floral and plaid), there were other small details that counted: the floppy head beads, the bags decorated with hearts, even the shoes matched the esthetic trip to the opera Marc imagined by creating some rainbow bright satin sandals or brown ankle boots.

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