Luella 2010 Spring Summer Collection

Staying away from the patters of the 2010 spring fashion collections, Luella has enchanted the eyes with a fabulous collection so find out if Luella's vintage style suits your personality.
16 Nov, 2009

With a vintage inspired collection, Luella Bartley has succeeded in surprising everyone by not following the same patterns as everyone else. The Luella 2010 spring summer collection is all about the '60's a time where fashion style was incredibly feminine yet classic.

Pastel color combinations were also at the base of the 60's fashion, characteristic beautifully underlined by Luella. Because the 60's were all about gorgeous dresses, skirt suits and trenches, they couldn't have missed from the collection. High waist outfits, girlish outfits that flare and cute color combinations make this fashion collection a delight watching.

Luella 2010 Luella 2010

Rounded collars, bows, polka dots and high wait accents contribute to the collections vintage style. To make Luella 2010 spring summer collection suitable for the present times bold colors have been beautifully combined and the outfits have been accessorized with beautiful handbags and elegant shoes.
Polka dots seem to have been a big part of the collection due to the vintage look and stylish effect they create. Polka dots give a certain casualness to the outfits making them appear more daytime appropriate.

Luella 2010 Luella 2010

Skirts, pants and shorts assorted with gorgeous elegant jackets, created a very interesting and appealing look. The dresses had very cute designs which were very loose around the lower body. His made the dresses appear appropriate and elegant. The colors helped the style of the collection creating a very warm and appealing effect.
Blue, pink, fire red, black and yellow tones helped the collection look fun and stylish. Luella 2010 spring summer collection can be considered a fashion collection with a lot of style and personality, a collection appropriate for girly girls who love fashion and love adopting a cute pin-up like appearance.
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Luella 2010 Luella Luella 2010 Luella 2010

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