Louis Vuitton Resort 2011 Collection

Louis Vuitton brings lots of vintage appeals into their Resort 2011 Collection where we've spotted a touch of elegance into old trends and classical items. From stripes to floral prints, see-through, lace or leather, all combined together form a collection that rises up through complexity in details. Check out next this fabulous collection!
12 Jun, 2010

The Louis Vuitton mark over fashion industry has developed in a long time and has touched a high level of perfection that brings this label on top always with every new season that passes by. From celebrities to regular people, the name of this brand is at least familiar. Louis Vuitton is especially known for their handbags, haute couture and luxurious clothing wear, but also in accessories like jewelry, watches, sunglasses or other leather goods they brings the best items on the market.

With a history since 1854, is no wonder that Louis Vuitton comes as one of the most exquisite fashion houses, because with such a background in outstanding brands, the label has reached the point of uniqueness in fashion where no other brand can compete.

For the Resort 2011 season, Marc Jacobs has prepared for Louis Vuitton an eccentric collection where a mix between modern and vintage is definitely seen in elegant clothes that bring out a mystery side expressed through accessories and the latest trends. With a refine taste in styling, Marc Jacobs presented a show that catches in detail what the LV mark over fashion world is really about, stylish looks, elegance and sophistication plus lots of luxury attached to every single look.

Whether he goes for colors, non-chromatic outfits, chaotic prints or very structural ones, diversity in styles, Marc keeps the same Louis Vuitton touch in his designs.

The Louis Vuitton collection for Resort 2011 maintains the perfect balance between summer trends like flower power, vintage, pastel colors, eye-cat sunglasses and casual sandals or flats with business wear that usually releases a rough part, but here office wear is reinvented in light colors, structural prints like multicolored stripes, pointy toe shoes, summer gloves, sheer, see-through waterproof trench coat, leather suit or lacy black blouses.

As you can see, the Louis Vuitton collection was a hit, like always, and Marc Jacobs brought the brand to a higher level in classy designs with this flawless presentation for the next season.

Images via Style.com

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