Kenzo Spring 2010 Fashion Collection

Kenzo has presented one of the most incredible fashion collections for the 2010 spring season. The details and the style of the collection is meant to emphasize femininity in the most subtle and romantic way. Find out more about Kenzo spring fashion collection.
15 Oct, 2009

Antonio Marras has created one of the most incredible fashion collections for Kenzo 2010 Spring collection. It seems that this 2010 spring season, femininity is blooming, since every detail is meant to emphasize femininity and style.

There is a certain casual yet elegant feel to this collection and this is probably due to the style of the fashion collection and the vaporous materials used. The source of inspiration for the fashion collection seems to be the Middle East and Safari. The colors, the style and the details featured in the collection take you through a journey of casual elegance throughout the sunny desert.

Tunics, gorgeous vaporous dresses, flattering loose tops and pants offer a casual yet stylish look. The materials used to create the fashion collections are light and soft, meant to suite the style of the collection perfectly.

Kenzo Spring 2010 Kenzo Spring Collection

The colors used are warm colors like blue, white, khaki, turquoise, beige, peach, gold tomes, etc. You can see a lot of detail featured on the collections, from stripes to gorgeous feminine prints.
Women should always try to accentuate their femininity and the best way is by wearing flattering clothes which reveal only a little bit of skin. Being a little bit more restrained with your clothes will help you wrap yourself in mystery and desire.

Kenzo Kenzo Spring 2010

Accessories like strappy platform sandals, oversized handbags and belts wrapped around the waist complete the look of the outfits. Inspire your outfits from Kenzo Spring 2010 if you are a confident woman who embraces her gorgeous body and love to emphasize your femininity and style.
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