John Galliano Spring 2010 Collection

John Galliano is a very respected fashion designer who is admired for his unique style, talent and color sense. His 2010 spring fashion collection was truly enchanting, with a vintage feel, worthy of admiration.
19 Oct, 2009

John Galliano is a very well known appreciated fashion designer with a unique sense of style. His rich imagination and great color sense make John Galliano's designs so appreciated and unique. His creations have been admired and worn by so many celebrities it's unbelievable.

For the 2010 spring fashion shows John Galliano has surprised us again. His collection was like torn out of a theater play, very interesting and dramatic play. His uniqueness is what makes his designs so exquisite and certainly his spring fashion collection didn't comes as a disappointment.
Drama, color and style are the main characteristics of John Galliano's fashion collection.

The whole collection seems to be wrapped around an aura of vintage, everything takes you back to the 1920's, the make-up, the hairstyles, the designs. Vintage has always been empowered with a certain attraction, an attraction that seems to have taken us over.
The modern touches of the collection contributed to the extraordinary design of the collection making it worthy of admiration.

John Galliano John Galliano Spring 2010

The splashes of color which blend perfectly attract the desired attention towards every single detail which leans towards perfection. For his collection John Galliano use very soft, light materials which flow around the body, to give it the vintage allure. The colors of the collection are very bright, from red to yellow, purpls, khaki, white, blue, white and black. The colors are combined to form a gorgeous sophisticated outfit, which appears to be taken out of old Hollywood glam movies.

Galliano 2010 Fashion Collection John Galliano Spring Women

This seems to be a fashion collection meant to bring out the femininity, style and confidence in women. Choose one of John Galliano's outfits and you will certainly capture everyone's attention through your elegance and unique style.
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John Galliano 2010 John Galliano

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