Jimmy Choo Project Pep Collection

New and new collaborations specifically designed in order to help change the world into a better place occur. Designers, politicians, celebrities, highly social statuses, everything seems to work as long as it’s done for a noble cause. So, a month ago, when Jimmy Choo announced a future project called Project Pep, in partnership with the Elton John AIDS Foundation, we couldn’t be anything but interested.
08 Dec, 2009

Project Pep is actually a pretty large collection of scarves, accessories, bags and shoes, meant to support the Simelela Rape Center, in Cape Town, South Africa. Even the name of this collection, Pep, actually stands for a preventive treatment applied in AIDS cases.

Debuted in October in UK and then in November all over the world, the Pep Project is sustained by a dedicated website and by a social media campaign. In hope every effort will increase the impact of awareness; Jimmy Choo’s collection will donate 25% of the sales directly to the Elton John AIDS Foundation.

Ok, so we’re talking about Choo, so I’m pretty sure you’re all expecting the details. And details are exactly the key point of Jimmy Choo’s Pep collection. Glazed canvas wedge sandals, flat pumps, both practical and stylish, a limited edition of punk-rock sandals – these are the shoes included in this collection. Plus a pair of flip flops, the ideal accessory for a relaxed weekend at the beach.

The bags, the scarves, the shoes and even the accessories – they all have something in common – the canvas prints that seems to be the signature for this collection. This canvas includes many stories and details which transform it into a statement: textures, fabrics, telephone numbers (the actual number of a Choo store in London).

With prices ranging from $95 to $995, this is more than just a social campaign, a fashionable one or just a charity. Jimmy Choo’s Pep Project is a sub-textual movement in the fashion industry, showing everyone that fashion, media, and noble things are possible.

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