Jean Paul Gaultier Couture 2010

Couture fashion is usually based on intricate and more sophisticated designs and Jean Paul Gaultier's 2010 couture collection is definitely sophisticated and unique. Take a peek at this lovely couture collection and discover the genius of Jean Paul.
10 Feb, 2010

Jean Paul Gaultier Couture 2010 is like nothing you have ever seen before. Bold and diverse, this fashion collection is indeed couture. Couture fashion is quite different than ready to wear or resort fashion collection as they are more sophisticated.

Couture is a high end fashion appropriate for certain occasions only, this is why celebrities choose couture outfits for certain special red carpet events. Perfect for women who love fashion and love to be unique, couture fashion can make a woman stand out and capture all the attention.

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Jean Paul Gaultier's couture 2010 collection takes you on a journey towards Mexico and Spain as the influences of these two countries are highly visible. Sombrero hats, matador outfits, Spanish shawls, braided hairstyles and incredible entertainment created the atmosphere Jean Paul Gaultier wanted to underline. The outfits featured in the collection were superb and quite wearable; different style dresses, pants outfits and skirt suits were the dominant outfits of the collection. The fabrics used were completely different from one outfit to another and varied from denim to chiffon.

Jean Paul Gaultier couture Jean Paul Gaultier couture Jean Paul Gaultier couture 10 Jean Paul Gaultier couture

Because the eco-friendly message sent by Avatar seems to have captured everyone's attention, Jean Paul Gaultier decided to incorporate this message into some of his designs. Interesting tribal designs featuring armor like accessories, flowers and leaf details. These details were highly emphasized through color or design, and they all looked fabulous.

The colors used by Jean Paul to create his collection are very interesting as their pattern is meant to make a statement. Black, orange, green, blue, white and nude were the colors that beautifully combined to emphasize the style of the couture collection.
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