J. Crew Fall 2010 RTW Collection

In J. Crew's Fall/Winter 2010/2011 Collection we've spotted a chaotic style that overcomes on the runway inspired by today's youth which style comes as undefined, unusual yet chic and artistic in the same time. Junkie, glitter, military and European school style seems to form together an image for this season!
13 Jul, 2010

The teenage period is definitely one of the hardest moments in everyone's life, whether you are that teenager or you passed it and now your the parent, it doesn't matter, because dealing with youth is not an easy thing to do. Emotions are a rollercoaster in those years and somehow feelings affect everything, from their attitude to their hobbies, friends, music and last but not least, style and fashion.

The influence that music has over fashion can be indescribable, but the evolution of fashion stands on the development of music since back in the old days. How many people don't dress inspired by famous musicians? Whether we're talking about rock'n'roll, punk-junkies, indie, hippies, rappers, popstars, techno-clubbing, every single music genre has their place in fashion expressed through all kinds of different styles and trends which inspire the actual fashion designers to create perfection on the runway wrapped into clothing wear.

The J. Crew fashion label may appeal mostly to teenagers and youth, but also their present an unique style over the runway with a mix between every new fashion trend, all time classics, different styles combined together, just like we see it in music.

The Fall 2010 Ready-To-Wear Collection at the J. Crew fashion brands seems to bring much more refreshing taste of fashion than usually, expressed through classic items along with the latest fashion trends that have taken the runway and the street style too.

From rough military influences, to girlie feminine accessories or club-glitter mania, over-knee socks and basic tights, stylish baggy pants, masculine oversized items, school-inspired Oxford shoes, casual booties, vintage inspirations, maxi professional looking bags, sexy luxurious fur coats and geek chic trends.

As you can see in J. Crew's latest collection for the Fall/Winter 2010/2011 season, the styles come diverse on versatile clothing wear that express a way of living through music and art. With major modern inspirations, the collection stands strong and follows a vintage theme too, through classic items and reinvented trends.

Images via Style.com

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